Optimizing Video Content For Youtube Video Sharing Video Seo

In 2008, there is plenty of buzz about the new and exciting online promotional tactics related to online video marketing and online video sharing. The most popular website online for online video is YouTube. This video sharing giant has fast become the default website for users to learn about online video sharing, how to upload videos, and how to market videos online.

However, it is important that you learn a few techniques to optimize your video so that when you upload it, it results in the best possible quality video. Youtube converts videos to Flash on the fly and in doing so, it compresses the video and has difficulty processing digital garbage. With a little bit of technique, you can optimize your videos for prime-time. In order to be able to share video online, you need to first have the equipment available to shoot video, capture it, and edit it for online usage. As for cameras, if you dont have a camcorder, most digital cameras, and even some cell phones have video functionality.

As for Video editing software, there are many choices for everyone from the beginner to the expert. If you are short on change, most computers already come with tools like Microsoft Moviemaker or Apple iMovie in addition to the literally hundreds of free web-based video tools that you can use online. While Microsoft MovieMaker is a great introductory program for video editing, it does not do well with videos that are created using a mobile phone. If you are going to capture video from a cameraphone for use on youtube, I would suggest getting Quicktime Pro from Apple.

This is a very inexpensive upgrade and can handle conversion in multiple formats. YouTube only supports certain formats for input, so be cautious. It is better if you make a .mov or .mp4, so be sure your editor has the capability to handle that format efficiently.

If the software that you have is not capable of doing so, find one that it because otherwise you may loose information from the video during upload. As for the size of your video, Youtube recommends 320*240 QVGA and I would also agree with this recommendation which, unless you are using a webcam, most often your camcorders will shoot at a higher resolution. You will need to resize the video but try not to effectively pull or stretch the frames. When discussing which quality, or bit-rate, ideally you will be targeting a final file with a bit rate of 700-1000. I would suggest using 1000kbps, but anything higher is almost a waste as it does not result in much better quality and takes much more time to process. Now that we have covered the size, quality, codecs, etc.

what about audio? The best choice for the audio format is for you to choose the MP3 codec which most video editing software programs should have as a default setting option. Take the output of your video file as .mov or .mp4 and before you move further it is time to have the preview of your video file.

It should look nice. If you are satisfied with the outcome, go ahead with uploading your video. After your video is uploaded to the servers of YouTube it can take up to an hour or so to get actually published on the site. As YouTube formats your file and encodes it for their flash streaming. This process is fully automatic. Now all of your efforts would produce a real gem a really optimized video that looks better than others.

In terms of video search engine optimization, it is always important to know the keywords and phrases that are most relevant to both your content and of course, your target audience. You will want to be certain that you include these words and phrases within the video title, description, and tags. It is also important that you choose the most appropriate category on Youtube to submit your video to. As one final suggestion, definitely allow users to share your videos, comment on them, and rate them. This results in a few things. First, users who rate and comment typically take more action and further drive interest.

Second, sometimes users will embed your video which results in a link back to your video such that you will now have a better chance of showing up within the natural search results on Google. Good luck video sharing on youtube. I would also suggest trying some of the various other sites out there.

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