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The moment you set foot in Rough Hollow you won't be able to leave. The breathtaking views of Lake Travis, with a backdrop of limestone cliffs will have you permanently rooted there. You'll wonder how you could have ever thought to live anywhere else and you'll look immediately for a deed to sign, a house to purchase and a home to create.

History The history of Rough Hollow has yet to be written - it is a young community, having been developed only in the last few years. There are, however, within Rough Hollow six unique neighborhoods, each prepared to create their own history and cumulatively form one for Rough Hollow: ? Enclave - Enclave is a gated community. The homes are expertly placed atop the hills of Rough Hollow, giving homeowners astonishing views of Texas Hill Country in all directions.

? The Villas - The Villas come down from the hills to the lakefront and Rough Hollow marina. With a garden-home style, they offer residents harbor-view residents. ? Water's Edge - Homes in Water's Edge are on the water's edge. They offer expansive views of the lake from properties just as large.

? East Rim - Above Rough Harbor, sit 59 homes on a bluff. These houses, which make the East Rim neighborhood, enjoy picturesque views both of water and land. ? The Bluffs - With lots not quite as large as those in Water's Edge but still impressively sized, The Bluffs nestles its residents within Rough Hollow Cove for a cozy, private and gorgeous home. ? The Overlook - Those who want to see it all climb to the top and rest within The Overlook. Economy Rough Hollow, as most communities in the area do, has two economies feeding it: Lakeway and Austin.

Lakeway is a small town of 13,000 residents. Parks, recreation areas, upscale shopping and dining bring tourists and local travelers to the area, giving the residents of Rough Hollow an opportunity to benefit from a booming retail industry. The community's primary income, however, comes from Austin. Science and technology lead the way, but major corporations and the University of Texas, Austin, also employ a growing number of people. Real Estate How much you pay for a home in Rough Hollow will vary depending on which neighborhood you select.

Houses and lots range in size from each. Water's Edge has 100-foot-wide properties, while others have slightly smaller ones nearing 60 rather than 100 feet wide. Therefore, you can secure a home for as little as $400,000 or you can opt for one closer to $3 million. It's a matter of your personal choice and your financial abilities. Attractions If you're able to tear yourself away from the views of Rough Hollow and journey to nearby towns and cities, you'll see that the area is packed with amazing things to do. In Lakeway, you can shop the day away, and in Austin you can visit museums, universities and other amenities of the city.

In both, you can spend hours in the spacious parks, enjoying a picnic or hike on a lazy Sunday afternoon. If you can't bear to leave your community, however, that's not a problem either. Lake Travis is open to all sorts of water activities from jet skiing to boating to floating idly feet from the shore. Rough Hollow is a community of 350 homes.

One of them could be, should be, yours. So drive up today and join the many that have already discovered that Rough Hollow is more than a place; it's a home.

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