How To Get Massive MLM Website Traffic For Free

Are you struggling to get traffic to your MLM related website without breaking your bank account? If you want to get cheap traffic quickly while building your prospect list, one of the best methods is to join MLM related groups within social networking websites. While there are several websites that MLM professionals frequent, you will have the most success if your primary focus is on the business oriented websites like Direct Matches and Ryze. Networking with your fellow MLM professionals can increase links back to your website, increase your chances of being seen as an expert, increase your mailing list, sell more of your product, get new team members to sign up, make you new friends - in fact there's not a lot to be said against joining a few MLM related groups and networking online. However, there are some things to think about before you get started: DO: 1.

Research each networking group before you join. Make sure it's relevant to your business and see if the participants are in your target market. Look at how much traffic the group gets. How busy is it? - there's no point in joining a dead group with very few posts. 2. Check the group rules before you post.

Some groups will allow you to post advertisements for your business while others will object. Check if you are allowed to add a signature at the end of your posts - adding a small biography with a web link to your business is a great way to increase incoming links to your site and to get more traffic. 3.

Be polite and treat everyone the way you would like to be treated. Even though you don't meet people face to face you will build up some great relationships if you take the time to give good answers to questions, to be helpful and to respect other people's opinions. And every post you answer adds to your reputation.

Use your posts to give genuine, useful advice, not just to plug your business and you'll soon be looked on as an expert. 4. Don't be afraid to ask for advice - no-one knows everything and sometimes you will need help. 5.

To make the most of your time on the groups, allow yourself only a certain amount of time each day. Read only the posts that are relevant and that interest you and post answers quickly before moving on. It's very easy to spend the whole day on groups and not get anything else done. DON'T: 1. Never, ever use a post to blatantly advertise your business, particularly if the group rules don't allow it. Nothing will damage your reputation faster than spamming a group.

2. Don't go through the list of group members, collect email addresses and send them unsolicited mail. At best you'll be banned from the group and at worst the owners might report you to your ISP.

3. Don't ever get involved in a flame war (this is when a heated conversation on a group boils over and degenerates into nothing but an exchange of personal insults). It might be really satisfying to say what you think about someone, especially if they've been getting on your nerves, but just imagine what other people will think of you if you do. In conclusion, treat people online like you treat people in real life.

Think of it as a networking event that's taking place on your computer and don't forget that other posts on the groups are made by real people with real feelings. You already know how to make friends and new contacts face to face. Apply what you already know to online networking and you could be enjoying great success with a global audience.

Carlos Scarpero is the creator of the Success Duplicator downline building system, a free tool that combines the power of Success University and Direct Matches. Try out Success Duplicator for yourself for free at

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