Small Business Tax Tips - Product Review of Tax Reduction Toolkit´┐Ż

Introduction: The author of the 'Tax Reduction Toolkit' is Wayne M Davies. He is a Tax Professional serving small businesses and self-employed individuals and also provides small business tax tips on his web site. To start, this product is specifically designed for the small business or self-employed individual who want (or need) small business tax tips. If you plan to become self-employed (even part-time), then this is a helpful product review. However, if you are not currently self-employed and you don't plan to become self-employed, then this product review won't provide many tax tips that will benefit you.

If you're like me, I enjoy learning and I am constantly looking for small business tax tips. In most years, I use Intuit's Turbo Tax to complete my own taxes and this software helps identify potential deductions. I'll also surf the Internet for small business tax tips and I have purchased a few books on the subject from my local bookstore. I've never used an ebook from the Internet, but I was surprisingly pleased with this ebook from Wayne M Davies.

While the 140+ page ebook contains seven sections, the main benefit of this ebook is the section that describes the 29 specific small business tax tips. One of the most important points is a self-employed individual can take advantage of many tax saving opportunities that a regular employee cannot utilize. Wayne's book provides many different interesting charts and data points and one of the most interesting is that Americans spend about 32% of our total income on taxes. One of the ways to save on taxes is to first understand how big your current tax burden is on your overall income. His ebook, Tax Reduction Toolkit, is an easy read, well thought out and contains some solid ideas on small business tax tips. Unlike other articles and books I've read on the subject on how to save on your taxes, Wayne's ebook contained specific examples and describes them in layman's terms.

What I liked: I like his 29 specific small business tax tips. Often you'll read materials that only give a broad generalization on how to save money on your taxes, and they can be both difficult to understand and even more difficult to apply to your situation. Wayne provides 29 specific tips on how small businesses and self-employed individuals can save on their taxes.

He offers to critique 4 past income tax returns and offers a free 60-minute phone consultation on other small business tax tips as part of this package.

What I didn't like: There were a few things that didn't provide much benefit in my situation and I've listed them below.

This ebook is only for self-employed individuals and will be of little or no benefit to regular employees. (It might make encourage you to start a small business, even if it is only part-time to take advantage of these small business tips).

The section on deducting your vacation expenses wasn't helpful since I've heard about this one quite a few times. If you are unfamiliar with this potential deduction, then this small business tax tip might help you.

The section on 'The Substantial and Equal Periodic Payments' was helpful if I planned to use IRA money to fund my business. Since I don't want to consider using those monies to fund my business, it wasn't beneficial.

Final Comments & Pricing As a reminder, this book will only benefit you if you are currently self-employed or if you plan to become self-employed (even part-time) in the future. Once I became self-employed, the small business tax tips and deductions almost became a game to see how much I could legally deduct as a business expense. Since I've just started the business, I still need to further my education in this ever-increasing complex world of small business taxes and this ebook helped. At the price of $39.97 *, this 140+ page ebook is worth the price. I've paid much more for larger books at the bookstore and didn't get as much practical information as I did with Wayne's Tax Reduction Toolkit. If you have a very strong knowledge of tax information this book is not for you. If you have a beginner to immediate level of tax knowledge, then you will get enough small business tax tips to justify (and potentially write-off) your $39.97* investment.

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